User Guide

[Students/Graduates/Retiree] Change of Sign-in Screen on Office365

* The sign-in button to Office365 is at the end of this article.

Sign in screen on Office365 will be changed from August 13th, 2020.

Please check your password for Sophia Mail.

*Your password will not be changed, but you need to reenter your password. If you save the password in a browser, please be sure to check and remember your password.
ICT office CANNOT reissue your password until August 19th
due to system maintenance, even if you lost it.

How to Sign-in

Enter Student (NOT Sophia e-mail address) into ‘Email, phone or Skype’ then enter Sophia mail password into the next screen.

*For retirees or Graduates who graduated in/before AY2015: enter User Your user ID is written on the account notice.